What is 3PL

Your third-party logistics partner should be an expert in your business. By integrating your operations, warehousing and transportation needs into one provider you’ll benefit from customized service that is adaptive to your needs based on the market conditions that effect your business such as the demand for and delivery of your products and materials.

Why use a 3PL partner

When you partner with an expert in logistics, warehousing and transportation, you’ll see the benefits quickly:

Save Money

Since 3PLs are laser focused, serving more than one customer at a time, they enjoy cost benefits and economies of scale that your business won’t be able to replicate. And they make it look easy. This means you can stay focused on operating your business while they manage the tasks that make it happen.

Save Time

3PL experts are exactly that: experts. When you partner with someone who lives and breathes supply chain management, you benefit from their industry knowledge and experience. 3PLs monitor the latest industry technology, trends and advances to provide you with a competitive advantage.

Reduce Risk

3PLs are organized to manage supply chain risks – employee safety, environmental responsibilities, performance, facility management, technology upgrades – these are all elements of their business they deal with on a regular basis that you can rely on them for.

Increase Agility

Agility in the marketplace sets the great apart from the good. Respond to changing conditions in your arena by leaning on your 3PL when you need to act now.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

As the customer, you’ll enjoy the best your 3PL partner has to offer in terms of order management, on-time deliveries, reduced supply chain cycle times, transparent transportation tracking and data analysis that can help uncover new opportunities to increase performance.

Choose Malark as your 3PL Partner

While traditional 3PL services focus on your operations, warehousing and transportation requirements, Malark goes a step further with additional services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Additional services include:

  • Storing goods and products
  • Scheduling delivery of good and products
  • Tracking shipped freight
  • Invoicing freight

Headquartered in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, not only does Malark have its own storage facilities and fleet of vehicles, but we are networked across the country to provide supply chain services no matter where you need it.

You tell us what, where and when and we make it happen, seamlessly.

True 3rd Party Logistics

Malark Logistics

As a qualified woman-owned enterprise, Malark Logistics brings an added perspective to a traditionally male-dominated industry. We focus on using highly certified carriers that also happen to be owned by women, minorities and traditionally disadvantaged groups. Call us 24/7/365 to talk to a live person in Minnesota and get your job started: 800.441.2624.

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