Trailer Fleet Leasing

When your budget won’t stretch to cover one more piece of equipment, or your need is short-term, look to Malark for short- and long-term rental or leasing.

If it exists, chances are we can supply you with whatever it is. Most commonly leased and rented include:

  • Storage trailers
  • Flatbeds
  • Conestoga trailers

Lease vs. Rent

When purchasing isn’t feasible or desired, the option to lease or rent whatever piece of equipment you need is a reasonable option. Although very similar, the differences between leasing and renting may impact your decision.


A lease is a contract to rent equipment or machinery for a defined period, usually a year or more, with set payments. The agreement itself is formal, often with penalties outlined for either the lessor or lessee in case the terms are violated. For tax purposes, leases are typically either, “operating leases” which you can expense the payments each time they are made or, “capital leases” which are recorded as fixed assets with the lease obligation recorded as a liability.

If the equipment is integral to your business or the technology involved is likely to be outdated in five to 10 years, then leasing is typically the best option.


Rent usually implies a shorter period of time, usually a year or less with contracts that are more casual than lease agreements. Rent payments are typically expensed for tax purposes.

If the equipment is not integral to your business, or if the technology involved isn’t rapidly evolving to the extent that it could be outdated in a year, then renting is typically the best option.

Whether you need to lease or rent – or if you’re not sure which is best – we can help.

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