Your problem, our solution

We’re problem solvers, plain and simple. Whatever you need – whatever your pain point or challenge is – we want to help. Sometimes it’s a simple as moving something from A to B on time. But more often than not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your logistic nightmares are where we shine. Call us. Challenge us. Let us show you how we can make a difference.


Safe, secure, efficient and affordable. Whether you need short- or long-term storage, our climate-controlled space will securely store your freight and products.

Intralogistics and Materials Flow

Rely on our experience with material handling to develop a customized system that’s perfect for your need. We manage everything from the first steps of analyzing your need to planning and designing your best solution, supplying and installing and ultimately maintaining the process and machinery.

Leasing (storage trailers and such)

Already have a transportation plan in place but need to augment your available trailer fleet? Whatever you need, we can provide. Talk to us about short- and long-term equipment rentals from storage trailers and flatbeds in a variety of sizes and variables.

Freight Management

Every supply chain is different but all are driven by the desire to increase efficiency and effectiveness while reducing costs. We can streamline your logistics operations for optimal performance no matter how complex your business is.

Invoice Processing

See what a difference centralized invoice solutions will have on your accounting. With organized, comprehensive and transparent billing, all the details are there, easy to track and manage.

Project Logistics

Whatever it is and wherever you need it to be, not only do we have the experience, equipment and connections to see it done, we have the right people available to make sure everything happens smoothly, efficiently and on time.

MABD Retail Management

Must Arrive by Date retail management requires detailed processes that can quickly react to any issues that arise in order to achieve timely delivery. This “white glove” service requires the kind of smart and experienced out-of-the-box solutions that Malark has always been known for.

Motor Express

No matter your freight, we have the capacity to get it where it needs to go, whether down the street, across the region or across the continent. Partial loads, flat, van, air or ground, we can get it door to door.


We’re ready to talk through your needs whenever you are – and we mean that literally. Call us 24/7/365 and talk to a live person right here in Minnesota. Tell us your needs and we’ll let you know how it can be done.

Crating and Packaging

From the smallest bit to the biggest product, we crate and pack your items to for safe storage or to hand over to our transportation teams for secure and timely delivery.

Asset Recovery

We can help with all your asset recovery needs except wasted time. Talk to us today about reverse logistics for the proper disposition of equipment and other valuable assets.

As a qualified woman-owned enterprise, Malark Logistics brings an added perspective to a traditionally male-dominated industry. We focus on using highly certified carriers that also happen to be owned by women, minorities and traditionally disadvantaged groups.

Call us 24/7/365 to talk to a live person in Minnesota and get your job started: 800.441.2624.