Full Warehousing Services

Malark warehousing offers safe, secure, efficient and affordable short, or long-term, climate-controlled storage for your freight and products. Combined with our other services — from logistics and material handling to inventory management — you’ll have unsurpassed control over your freight.

Since 1994 we’ve been improving our warehouse services to help our clients meet the demands of their growing business. Our approach to warehousing is as a partner. We start by analyzing your needs then creating a custom solution to meet them. Whether you’re experiencing fast growth, maintaining a continuous supply for production or anything in between, we know how to help.

Some things are obvious. To be a good warehousing partner you need high-quality, secure facilities that can handle a wide-range of products and freight:

  • Fully secured
  • Climate control
  • Food-grade
  • Off-ground
  • Bulk and rack

Warehousing alone is easy, but creating a distribution and transportation – a full 3PL experience – tailored to your requirements is not something just any warehouse facility can do. Malark can. We offer a full spectrum of logistics services to help you manage your supply chain, across town or across the globe.

Our staff match our facilities in dependability. Trained and qualified teams dedicated to the job at hand become experts in your business needs. You can rely on Malark to get it done.

Our customized, clear and concise logistics solutions provide a real competitive advantage for our customers and strategic partners. We offer more than just services, we deliver results.

When your customers are counting on you, depend on us.

As a qualified woman-owned enterprise, Malark Logistics brings an added perspective to a traditionally male-dominated industry. We focus on using highly certified carriers that also happen to be owned by women, minorities and traditionally disadvantaged groups. Call us 24/7/365 to talk to a live person in Minnesota and get your job started: 800.441.2624.