Industries We Support

Malark has a team of experts to assess your needs and offer custom solutions that answer to the supply chain and logistics challenges in your industry. Our decades of experience allow us to partner with you to achieve creative, flexible and economical solutions to your pain points.

Power Generation

Utility companies turn to us to help ensure that all kinds of energy generation plants continue to operate in a safe and profitable way. We understand the delicate nature of the power generation process and the urgency behind your challenges. Our greatest asset to you is our ability to customize solutions to fit your need.


As a construction company, you are used to working on multiple sites and projects at one time, networking between your headquarters, suppliers and locations. We understand how vital it is for you to have a regular flow of goods coming in and the importance of timing. Your 3PL needs are as unique as your business. We can cater our solutions to beat your expectations.


From local resources to global supply chains, your business is dependent on the movement of goods and materials. We understand your need to have a smart and dependable 3PL partner in place to help you flourish. While you’re solving next generation manufacturing challenges, we’ll be right there next to you with solutions tailored to help.

Light Assembly

From simple components to intricate products, you’re looking to achieve precision in your processes and systems. We can help you execute even the most complex sequencing and assembly challenges.

Packaging & Distribution

Your revenue and growth are dependent on flexible products and services. We design custom solutions that can keep you in good working order so you can meet demand and support the turn-key solutions you create for your customers.

Food & Beverage

You need the same custom, flexible solutions you provide your customers to maintain a high level of quality, maximize facility availability and optimize resource efficiency. We offer tailored solutions that help you master all these challenges.


State and local municipality governance is a complicated business. We understand the need for efficient, economical and transparent systems and operations. For more than three decades we’ve worked to consistently improve our own business to better help government agencies improve theirs.

As a qualified woman-owned enterprise, Malark Logistics brings an added perspective to a traditionally male-dominated industry. We focus on using highly certified carriers that also happen to be owned by women, minorities and traditionally disadvantaged groups.

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