[Press Release: Malark Logistics Installs Blue Safety Lights on Forklifts]

Keeping Workers Safe By Using Safety Lights To Prevent Forklift Collisions

Maple Grove, Minnesota (January 2018): Malark Logistics continues to showcase safety as their top priority by installing blue safety lights on the rear of all their forklifts. These lights are designed to warn pedestrians when a lift is fast approaching.

A very distinct blue beam of light, 6” in diameter, will appear on the ground behind the forklift, providing ample warning time for others to stop. These lights are proven to be more effective than any alarm with sound as they are designed to combat other distractions: noise, music, phones, corners, crossing aisles, etc.

OSHA statistics indicate there are nearly 100,000 forklift-related work injuries each year.

Malark hopes these blue lights will help them maintain their impeccable safety record as that is their top priority, always.