Diversity Means Better Solutions
The Marketplace is Changing. So Should You.

As racial, ethnic, and other landscapes in the United States continue to change and evolve, so does your customer base.

Do you remember the days before cell phone and GPS devices, when all you had to find your way was an unwieldy, impossible-to-refold road map? Think back for a moment—when you got lost, who did you ask for help? Did you find a pay phone and call home, or did you stop and ask someone who lived in, and thus had a better knowledge of, the immediate area?

Supplier diversity follows this same principle—that the best help often comes from those who are experts in their field with different life experiences. And as supply chains become more complex, involving more and different types of companies, it just makes sense to have access to as many different perspectives as possible.

When it comes to logistics, a diversity of perspectives will lead to better, more comprehensive solutions—every time.

Why Malark Is A “Diversity Smart” Choice

At Malark Logistics, a woman-owned business certified by WBENC, we understand the value of providing new, diverse perspectives to the logistics solutions marketplace.  With a database consisting of tens of thousands of qualified carriers, we are prepared for all our customers’ shipping needs and always attempt to qualify diverse suppliers based upon performance, reliability, and safety.

Sheryl Malark, founder and president, is an impassioned leader who takes great pride in her vast knowledge in the logistics industry. Under Sheryl’s leadership, Malark has continuously upheld its values and principles, bringing success to our customers and our employees.

Though we’re very proud of the growth opportunities our team is afforded, our top priority has always been the customer; providing safety, service, savings and sustainability along with excellent customer service and the highest quality 3rd Party Logistics Solutions.

To learn more, contact us or give us a call at 800-441-2624. We promise you’ll talk to a real, live person 24/7/365.